5 years ago in 2017,

When Asia was making waves in banking, there were around 600 million small and medium enterprises in the region alone. However, there wasn’t a single neobanking platform that offered all the services that SMEs needed. This led to the creation of Open Money. The need for such a solution was right in front of the eyes but no one else made it a reality until we stepped in.

That’s when we saw that it was time the world had a Digital Banking Power, and that is why we built Open Financial!

To power through the problems of today while building a superpower for tomorrow!

After building the world’s fastest growing SME neobanking platform, we went on to create Asia’s first-ever no-code embedded finance platform - Zwitch. But we weren’t done.

Further, we built Banking Stack, a cloud native digital banking OS that helps banks and FIs launch their own consumer-centric digital banking offerings.

Open Financial has already built solid solutions for different kinds of institutions that are going to mark the beginning of a paradigm shift we are about to forge in the world of banking.


But this is just the beginning…
the beginning of a digital banking superpower!

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